Eliminate the language barrier ālaiʻa حاجز obice 屏障 מחסום

The ability to communicate in multiple languages across all organizations is becoming an absolute necessity in today’s increasingly global community. LetzChat was formed to eliminate the language barrier, specializing in real-time language translation products. Let us show you how we can help your organization bridge the language gap and build stronger relationships with your customers, employees, and citizens.

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About LetzChat, Inc.

Innovators in the Language space.

Renowned 98.7% translation accuracy across 104 languages. No client is too big or too small for us to help. Scalability is one of our specialties. 100% GDPR compliant, CJIS ready, fully encrypted, and secure across our servers.

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We’re passionate about eliminating language as a barrier through creative methods. Check out these game changing products to see how they can enhance your organization's communication platform.

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Why do we create amazing products?

We have a simple mission: to translate everything in order to eliminate language barriers. We produce the fastest translating tools available to accelerate your workflow. Time is money.

Gone are the days of human translators.


We are optimists who love complex problems

Together we speak over 20 languages and have been to over 80 different countries. Yeah, we know a thing or two about the language barrier.

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Our Clients love รัก حب the products

We are humbled to be working with such a wide variety of clients, ranging from early stage start-ups to Fortune 500's, higher education, local governments, and law enforcement agencies.

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